Local London offers a range of options to corporates from temporary project space to long term lease agreements

Why Local London?

  • Flexible short term agreements allowing you to increase or decrease the size of your offices as needs be.
  • Many landlords will not lease space to up and coming businesses and will require large rent deposits. With Local London take space with as little as 1 month rent deposit. We don't need to see your accounts!
  • Get much more than just the 4 walls of your office. Every one of our buildings has breakout areas, dining areas, outdoor space and meeting rooms
  • Easy to understand licence agreement with no legal jargon
  • No fit out required. We offer fully furnished space
  • We provide all the services. No need to spend time and money sorting out telecoms, IT or cleaning services. 
  • Conventional leases are usually fully repairing and insuring agreements meaning you have to pay to reinstate the condition of the office when you leave. We keep it simple and as long as the office is in decent knick your full rent deposit is returned at the end of your tenancy

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